Train as a Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner

This level three course will train you to become a fully-qualified clinical hypnosis practitioner.

You will learn how diagnose, determine and define the most effective strategy for your client. The process engages the individual, the condition, and the interaction between the two and considers relevance of past events, present stressors and future goals to produce a comprehensive treatment plan.

The following areas are covered on this course, hypnotic phenomena and their role in treatment; NLP as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool; integrative approaches; creating a therapeutic persona; how to determine the most suitable approach for an individual client; practice management; working therapeutically online; when to terminate therapy and many more.

Practitioner Course Curriculum

Consisting of online theory study, session demonstrations and practicals.

The suggested course duration is six months, but you have access to the material for 12 months.

You have access to a personal tutor as part of this course.

Practitioner courses starting: 18th July 2022

Course fee


Clinical Hypnosis: Practitioner Course (Level 3)

Advanced therapeutic protocols, including dissociation, regression, IMR therapies, NLP techniques for therapeutic dialogue.

Practice Pods are also available

(if you wish to join the UK-based General Hypnotherapy Register)

In-classroom, supervised, practice sessions (three weekends) in locations across the UK.

There is a fee of £200 per weekend practice pod.